New Zealand is known around the world for having a shit load of sheep, but after spending nearly 3 weeks cruising around the coast of the North island I have to say that it kinda just seems like a similar ratio to here in Vic – What we did find however was an abundance of world class waves and a whole lot of camo print.. It was everywhere! It was unusual to drive down a strip and not see a local in camo, they had shorts, tee’s, jackets, boots, hats, we saw a whole van painted in it and someones front fence of their house painted. Saw it in menswear shops next to the suits. It was fucked! If someone wants to make some serious $$ they should make camo print wellingtons and distribute them through Pak-n-Save, you would never have to work another day in your life! Anyway, here are some photographs from the road on the North island of New Zealand as seen through my Olympus Trip 35mm. Enjoy.


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